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Main Features:
6 - axis gyro quad - rotor aircraft flight, strong stability, easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control
2.4G technology adopted for anti-interference, more copters flying at the same time can not interfere with each other
LED night lights, it is also suitable for night flight
With CF mode, it can come back easily in any direction
One press automatic return, you will never be worry about missing it
RC battery: 4 Pcs of AA battery ( Not included )
Functions: Up / down, turn left / right, forward / backward, left / right sideway fly, 360 degree eversion, etc
Avaiable to load the camera assembly ( Camera needs to purchase separately. )

RC Charging Time: About 2 hours
Quadcopter Battery: 3.7V 300mAh
Running Time: About 5mins