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MA1032 Miniature Aircraft X-Cell Whiplash 90 Electric Kit (Flybar)

Whiplash 90 Features:


� Sturdy graphite main frame unit
� Simple construction
� CNC machined Delrin 124 tooth main gear+ 
� Optional gear ratios
� True T6-6061 CNC machined aluminum components
� CNC machined aluminum triple main shaft bearing blocks 
� Direct controlled 120 (degree) CCPM
� CNC machined aluminum boom clamps
� CNC machined aluminum motor and engine mount
� Ball bearing supported pinion/clutch assembly
� Full ball bearings throughout
� Glow, Electric, and Gasoline powered models available 

Rotor Head:

� Flybar and Flybarless versions available
� Full ball bearings
� Heavy duty linkages
� 9mm head axle
� CNC machined aluminum swashplate
� CNC machined main rotor grips
� CNC machined main rotor head
� High quality swashplate heim ball/ball bearing

Tail Rotor: 
� Full ball/thrust bearings 
� Graphite tail fin
� CNC aluminum �open� gearbox 
� Aluminum 22mm tail boom
� Positive control system
� Hardened tail rotor output shaft
� Carbon/Aluminum boom supports

� High Visibility Painted Epoxy-Glass Canopy by CanoMOD�

Model Specifications:

� Length: 52.5" (1333mm)
� Height: Flybar - 17" (432mm), Flybarless - 16.5� (419mm)
� Rotor Span: 1561-1601mm - 690-710mm blades
� Tail Rotor Span: 286mm with 105mm T/R blades
� Avg. Ready-to-Fly Weight: 7.5-8lbs - 3.4-3.62kg (less batts)
� Main Drive Ratio: 8.85:1 (9.53:1, 8.26:1 options)
� Tail Drive Ratio: 4.59:1
� Main Rotor Blades: 690-710mm
� Recommended Power: 500-560KV, 12S 5000mah

The swashplate control system is direct driven from the servos in a 3 point arrangement.

Model designed to support high power output electric motors

New lighter swashplate design will provide hours of trouble free operation

Front mount for gyro and electronics 

Innovative landing strut system which reduces weight and makes repairs much easier

Machined main gear results in ultra smooth drive train