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Full Option Mini 18th Buggy and Truggy (Full Chassis Only) No Electrics

Caster Racing Mini 18th Brushless Buggy Pro w/ Blue Body. (un-assembled)

Length: 223mm
Width: 182mm
Weight: 550g
Wheelbase: 154mm
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.5:1
Drive: 4WD shaft drive

Not Included: (Our Suggestion on below items)
ESC: Hobbywing 25 ~ 30A competition Electric Speed Control.
Motor: Brushless Motor 5000~5800 KV 20/30
Battery: 6 cell @ 7.4V 1200~1600 NiMh Tamiya Plug.
Radio: Throttle and Steering EPA Function.
Charger: Fusion Pro 6 Digital Multifunctional charger. (FPRO6)
Servo: 1.5 ~2 kg Metal Gear servo.

Body: Pre-Painted buggy and Truggy body
Wheels & tires: "Mini-Pin" tires
Driveshafts: Molded dogbones
Differential: Adjustable ball differential with carbide steel diff balls
Turnbuckles: Metal
Bearings: Rubber shielded bearings
Shock: Mini Big Bore Shocks.
Rim: Mini LPR Rim.
A 6061 T6 Aluminum CNC parts all around.