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Caster Racing Mini 18th Brushless Buggy RTR w/ Blue Body.
ESC: Hobbywing 25A competition Electric Speed Control.
Motor: Brushless Motor 5800KV 2030
Battery: 6 cell @ 7.4V 1200 NiMh Tamiya Plug.
Radio: Throttle and Steering EPA Funtion.
Charger: 7.2V 250 mA
Servo: Standard 1.5 kg Analog servo.
Shock: Mini Big Bore Shocks.
Rim: Mini LPR Rim.

Length: 223mm
Width: 182mm
Weight: 550g
Wheelbase: 154mm
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.5:1
Drive: 4WD shaft drive

Body: Painted buggy and Truggy body
Shocks: Oil-filled
Wheels & tires: "Mini-Pin" tires
Driveshafts: Molded dogbones
Differential: Adjustable ball differential with carbide steel diff balls
Electrical: Brushless Motor, 25A speed control, AM EPA radio system
Turnbuckles: Metal
Bearings: shielded bearings


Fusion 18th Truggy RTR with pre-printed body with clear window. There is 2 selection of Truggy Body Blue -Silver and Blue -White.


Fusion 18th Buggy and Truggy is sharing the same Chassis design. The only difference are only on the body shell.
Kits come with all 1.5mm screws which you can assemble and unassembled 90% of the car with 1.5mm Hex tool.

Fusion 18th Buggy RTR with pre-printed body with clear window. There is 2 selection of Buggy Body Blue and Red.


Fusion 18th Buggy & Truggy RTR come with Complete Electrics.
ESC: Hobbywing Racing 25A ESC with reverse function. Set ups can be adjusted by using a Set up Card. (ESC-SET-01)
Brushless Motor: 130S 20/30 5800KV


Fusion 18th kits come with Mini Big Bore Shock with adjustable Screw types of Shocks.

Rear Suspension Arm have 3 holes for adjustments and 2 hoes on the Shock tower for all the adjustment points you need.

Front shocks will have 3 adjust points on the shock towers, and 2 on the front arm for adjustments.

Fully adjustable Camber angle for Front and Rear with Turnbuckle.
Front and Rear Suspension Arm make of Heavy Duty Plastics.


Fully High Quality "Rubber Seal" Ball Bearing throughout the kit.


Ball Differential is apply to Fusion Mini Kit. with adjustable spring in the differentials for different track and performances needed.

Solid Direct Center Gear design with 4 lighten aluminum dog bone. The Center shaft is hold by 3 ball bearings to sustain the best free rotation of drivetrain.


AM Radio with EPA functions. Radio have a charger plug for easy charging if you use a rechargeable battery.

A High Quality Racing 1200 NiMh battery is included. It offers with a Tamiya plug

1.8kg Steering servo is included.
Speed: 0.13sec/60°
Torque: 1.8kg-cm
Weight: 12.5 g
Size: 22.5*11.5*24.6mm

Hobbywing High Quality Racing 25A racing ESC.


HIgh Quality 5800KV 20/30 Brushless Motor.