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Product Details

X5 Features:
1. Newly designed Main Rotor Head and Swashplate which produce quick control response and the best
2. Kit comes with SCORPION 910KV(1820W) BL Motor / GAUI 100A ESC / 500mm CF Main Blades which
provide the best power efficiency and the best power to weight ratio of all EP helicopters.
3. New layout for Direct-Drive CCPM servos which results in a precisely control to Swashplate.
4. CF main frame combine with integrated CNC servo / motor mounts result in a high rigidity frame cage to withstand the ultimate power output.
5. Equipped with heavy-duty torque tube driven tail.
6. Stylish painted FRP canopy equipped.

X5 Specifications:
Overall length: 1000mm (including cabin & canopy)
Main rotor diameter: 1120mm
Tail rotor diameter: 235mm
Flybar paddle: 64*40*5mm
Tail blade length: 82mm
Overall height: 343 mm
Overall width: 160 mm
Motor: SCORPION 1820w/kv910 BL motor
Total weight: 1900g (Equipped with Blades and all electronic gears except Battery).
Main rotor blades: 500mm to 530mm
Flying duration: 4~5 minutes with 6S1P(22.2v/4200mah)

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https://www.helidirect.com/images//gauix531.jpg https://www.helidirect.com/images//gauix556.jpg

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