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Ultra rigid CNC rotor head design features:

� Fully adjustable rotor head ratios for Beginner to Advanced 3D or FAI/F3C flying

  • Triple radial and single thrust bearing per main blade grip
  • 90 degree achievable geometry with all grip ratios
  • Ball raced spindle driver for precision flap control
  • Dual ball bearing seesaw support
  • Ball raced washout base for slop free phasing
  • Ball raced radius arms

� 120/140 degree Swash plate features double ball bearing with Interchangeable swash plate upper cup for flybar or flybarless head

Ultra rigid and compact frame design features:

  • Ball raced anti-rotation "A" arm control on elevator
  • Dual ball raced and bridged clutch bearing block
  • Triple main shaft bearings
  • Gyro compartment for increased protection
  • Flexible electronics mounting options
  • Injection molded plastic canopy break always
  • Collarless main shaft locking design

� Counter balanced fuel tank design with easy serviceable external fuel fittings

  • 3 piece engine mount design for easy install/removal
  • Large heavy duty clutch system
  • Front and Rear frame doublers for increased frame strength
  • Rigid mount boom support design
  • Adjustable servo mount for all servo ports

� Bell crank zero pitch alignment system with locking tools for easy and accurate servo to swash linkage setup

  • Ultra compact high volume cooling system
  • 140 degree CCPM (Optional)

� Individually removable and replaceable torque tube gears

Ultra compact tail rotor system:

  • Semi enclosed all CNC tail case and hub
  • Single side plate for easy gear access and reduced parts count
  • 6mm tail shaft
  • Individually removable and replaceable bevel gears
  • Ball raced double hinged precision tail system
  • Double ball raced grip links

� Double ball raced with thrust bearing Tail blade Grips